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Microwave digestion

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M6 microwave digestion system

M6 microwave digestion system delivers the sample preparation solution according to your need. With high-quality material and innovative solution as rotor and vessel position recognition, M6 helps to achieve reliable trace element analysis result due to precise temperature control ability Status light visualizes the program running status and the LCD screen displays the information as each vessel's temperature via histogram. The flexible and extendable rotor allows different application such as acid digestion, solvent extraction and other sample preparation process of various sample types such as soil, food, drugs, materials etc.,.

M3 microwave digestion system

M3 digestion system re-defines the entry level microwave digestion system. With the advanced full-vessel temperature and pressure control technology, M3 helps to achieve excellent trace element analysis result even with complicated sample demanding. The system supports gradient temperature heating, power calibration and temperature calibration which enhance user operation experience. The built-in ready to use application method library simplifies the method setting and development The flexible and extendable rotor allows M3 to be applied in different purpose as acid digestion, solvent extraction and other sample preparation process of various sample types such as soil, food, drugs.

TOPEX+ microwave digestion system

TOPEX+ adopts advanced microwave compression technology based on the roof reflection design of vector microwave field modeling. The special design cavity can focus microwave energy to sample zone and enhance the energy efficiency. TOPEX+ offers multifunctional rotors that give you maximum flexibility according to your task. <br> The same microwave system can be applied in the field of food / biology / environment / industry / rock / metallurgy and steel / medicine / organic and polymer / ceramic and inorganic

PRPES microwave digestion system

The PreeKem Robot Enhanced Preparation station (PREPS) is equipped with single-mode digestion system and automatic acid adding system. With patented designed (ZL 2017 1 0074237.8) structure coupled intelligent/dynamic pressure and IR temperature control system monitor the reaction pressure and temperature in real time and ensures safety. The system helps to release your hands and is able to handle the whole digestion process automatically. All you need to do is to weigh the sample.<br> Application field: Environment / Food safety / pharmaceutical / health care additives / cosmetics / biology

127 units found and counting! How many more Preekem instruments still unretired after ten years in service?

To understand the bounds and limits of our best setting products, a survey on Preekem microwave systems with more than 10 years active service was launched in 2020. Up till Sep 10, 2021, 127 eligible

PreeKem's unwavering commitment to food safety recognized by the top national food authority

To date, NFSRA is the 150th laboratory at national level that has chosen PreeKem as the chief supplier for microwave digestion equipment.

PreeKem virtual launches M6, the microwave digestion system of new generation

After a series of PreeKem models successfully entered the workforce in the past decade, the birth of M6, first model in PreeKem’s brand new ‘M’ family, comes at a time when new design ideas and concep

Official Statement of Preekem Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

Recently we received questions and concerns from customers that have been approached by a few Chinese venders, offering a range of parts and consumables that are proclaimed to work with Preekem instru

Fighting COVID-19 together: PreeKem sends respirators to global partners

Wish all of our customers, partners, friends and their families the very best and stay safe and healthy in the months to come.

PreeKem coming to Analytica Munich 2020

The prestigious Analytica Munich fair returns in Munich from March 31-April 3, 2020. PreeKem cordially invites customers around the globe to witness its line of high-performing microwave based sample