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WX-6000 microwave digestion system

WX-6000 microwave digestion system

WX-6000 microwave digestion system is an innovated primary microwave instrument. It has simple and practical operating functions that satisfy various needs in sample preparation process. WX-6000 microwave digestion system can be applied in the analysis field as food, pharmaceutical, and environment etc. WX-6000 is an ideal choice for small-batch of sample pretreatment.
Application field: food / biology / environment / pharmaceutical

4 reason to choose WX-6000 microwave digestion system

1.Classic user-friendly operating system

2.Energy focus microwave source design

3.Safety first cavity door design

4.Comprehensive temperature and pressure monitor during the experiment.


Spotlights in WX-6000 microwave digestion system

Deliver economic value 

1.High strength anti-corrosion stainless steel for cavity with a 5-year corrosion-free warranty.

2.Small in size for up to 6 vessel set operation in one batch.

3.Creative microwave guiding technology delivers rapid, reproducible batch digestion.


Safety oriented design

1.Self-locked cavity door to secure microwave emission upon fully closed door status

2.Double security door with explosion-proof and self-locking structure to resist lateral impact

3.Comprehensive temperature and pressure monitor during the operation.

4.PID algorithm for microwave energy emission automatic adjustment.





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