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WX-8000 microwave digestion system

WX-8000 microwave digestion system

WX-8000 microwave digestion system is a classic microwave instrument which integrates easy to use operation system and high performance digestion rotor. The system is ideal for dealing the digestion or synthesis experiments under high pressure range. The outstanding digestion performance and user-friendly microwave system saves labs time and money.
Application field: food / biology / environment / industry / rock / metallurgy and steel / medicine / organic and polymer / ceramic and inorganic

4 reason to choose WX-8000 microwave digestion system

1.Classic easy-to-use interface.

2.Performance oriented design in cavity and microwave emission. 

3.Safety first system controlling software.

4.Comprehensive temperature and pressure monitor during the experiment.


Spotlights in WX-8000 microwave digestion system

Enhanced performance of industry cavity

1.High strength anti-corrosion stainless steel for industry cavity

2.5-year corrosion-free warranty

3.Seamless laser soldering to ensure the structure strength


Microwave emitter

1.Optimized dual magnetron position for microwave energy emission.

2.Creative microwave guiding and focus technology delivers rapid, reproducible batch digestion.

3.PID algorithm for microwave energy emission automatic adjustment.


Enhanced safety design

1.Buffered safety door concept to release surge pressure automatically in side cavity

2.Self-locked cavity door to secure microwave emission upon fully closed door status

3.Comprehensive temperature and pressure monitor during the operation.






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