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M3 microwave digestion system

M3 digestion system re-defines the entry level microwave digestion system. With the advanced full-vessel temperature and pressure control technology, M3 helps to achieve excellent trace element analysis result even with complicated sample demanding. The system supports gradient temperature heating, power calibration and temperature calibration which enhance user operation experience. The built-in ready to use application method library simplifies the method setting and development The flexible and extendable rotor allows M3 to be applied in different purpose as acid digestion, solvent extraction and other sample preparation process of various sample types such as soil, food, drugs.
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M3-Brandy new definition for entry-level microwave digestion system

1. Genuine full-vessel temperature control and full-vessel pressure control to ensure safety.

2. Build-in ready to use method library to enhance user experience.

3. Support different temperature rising mode,power calibration and temperature calibration function enhance the digestion performance.

4. Free from traditional consumables and deliver economic values.


Spotlight of M3 microwave digestion system

High efficiency

1. Enhanced performance for microwave digestion

2. Good compatibility for high pressure rotor and high throughput rotor.

3. The total reaction time for food, Chinese medicine and environment samples less than 1 h (including cooling process).

Easy to use

1. Tool free for assembly. 3 min to finish 16 vessel’s assembly.

2. Build-in ready to use method simplifies method development.

3. 4 step vessel assembly process ( Including place the vessel to the rotor)

Safety oriented

1. Coupled with full-vessel temperature control and pressure control as dual safety monitor system.

2. Upgrade“R-Temp”termperature sensor technique for fast and accurate temperature measurement.


Product features:

1. High strength 316L stainless steel, laser seamless welding technology combine with 5 layers PTFE spray coating in cavity ensures the instrument’s performance under corrosive environment.

2. Innovated waveguide design combined with precise calculated cavity volume improves the microwave density and uniformity, ensuring the rapid, uniform and safe digestion of 16 samples.

3. Twin air ultra-fast cooling system combines optimized air duct design provides rapid cooling function. The build-in intelligent control system enables auto air volume adjustment.

4. Individual float safety door is designed to release surge pressure inside the cavity and seal again to ensure the running safety. Self- checking program will identify the door status before start the microwave.

5. Coupled with full-vessel temperature control and pressure control as dual safety monitor system.

6. Built-in method library provides ready-to-use methods.


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1. Colorful touch screen: 7 inch LCD touch screen

2. Microwave cavity: Industry design microwave resonate cavity

3. Cavity material: 316L stainless steel

4. Input power: AC220V+10%,50HZ,16A

5. Frequency: 2450 MHz

6. Microwave emission mode: non-pulse continuous microwave output

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