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TOPEX+ microwave digestion system

TOPEX+ adopts advanced microwave compression technology based on the roof reflection design of vector microwave field modeling. The special design cavity can focus microwave energy to sample zone and enhance the energy efficiency. TOPEX+ offers multifunctional rotors that give you maximum flexibility according to your task.
The same microwave system can be applied in the field of food / biology / environment / industry / rock / metallurgy and steel / medicine / organic and polymer / ceramic and inorganic
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Four reason for choosing TOPEX+

1. Initiative directional & focusing microwave

2. Quality warranty: 316L stainless cavity with 5 year warranty time

3. Flexibility in multiple applications: compatible with four different rotors that meet the needs for different task.

4. User friendly interface: dual screen for process control and state-in-art video display


Innovation in TOPEX+ microwave digestion system

Genuine expert in microwave sample preparation for multi-purpose

1. More effective: parallel extraction of 40 samples in 30 min

2. Easy to use: 2 step for 100 mL extraction vessel’s assembly

3. Safety as design priority: Embed solvent leakage detector to ensure safety in program running.

4. Higher recovery: Embed efficient magnetic stirring for better result.


Software Upgrade

1. Three level user account management.

2. 21 CFR PART 11 compliance software system for pharmaceutical industry

3. Multiple heating methods as power mode or gradient mode to comply different standard.

4. Safety worth investment on pressure limitation and pressure monitoring to ensure safety usage.

5. Embedded calibration function for microwave and IR temperature sensor to secure better experience.


Product performance:

1. The intelligent microwave digestion system, TOPEX+, is compatible with 3 different rotors which can meet different needs in various application fields;

2. Full stainless steel, laser seamless welding industry cavity combines with 5 layers PFA spray coating inside makes the resistant to strong acid and corrosion;

3. Dual magnetrons staggered structure and innovative roof reflection design which effectively improves the microwave density and uniformity so as microwave heating efficiency;

4.Auto lock cavity door structure ensures the safe and reliable running during the operation;

5. Temperature and pressure simultaneous controlled microwave digestion instrument;

6. Double-circled IR bottom temperature monitor and full vessel scanning technology (optional) enables reliable and accurate temperature measurement;

7. Integrated high-resolution touch screen supports video play and enables the operator to master all operations;

8. Large scare LCD touch screen displays reaction pressure, temperature, time, power and the relevant reaction curve in real time.

9. Compatible with different rotors which can meet different needs in various application fields;

10. Suitable for all kind of high precision control microwave reaction experiment such as ultra-high-pressure air-tight microwave digestion and high-throughput microwave digestion.

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1. Dual screen design: “Free touch “and “Real-time video display“dual screen display technology.

2. Microwave cavity: Special industry microwave cavity design.

3. Cavity material: 316L stainless steel

4. Microwave frequency: 2450 MHz

5. Microwave emission method: Non-pulse continuous microwave emission.

6. Cavity exhaust fan:


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