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About Preekem

PreeKem, A Leading Sample Preparation Equipment Manufacturer In China, Is Primarily Known For Its World Class Microwave-Based Products That Focus On Sample Preparation, Serving Analytical Community With Both Organic And Inorganic Analytical Needs.

About Us

About Preekem


PreeKem, a leading sample preparation equipment manufacturer in China, is primarily known for its world class microwave-based products that focus on sample preparation, serving analytical community with both organic and inorganic analytical needs. Founded in 2000, Preekem has rapidly transformed from a startup company with limited product line to an industry leader offering multifaceted, cross-functional sample preparation and lab automation platforms. To date, PreeKem's line of products have served customers in over 40 countries and supported a broad range of application fields. Its high-quality products, competitive affordability and rapid service response continue to help in global growth.

Company History


A letter form president

Dear customers and colleagues,

Thanks to your continued support and trust, PreeKem enjoyed another successful year of operation in 2018 and embarked on new journey in 2019 with passion, ambition, and determination.

I am especially grateful to all PreeKem staffs that have been committed to our common mission. It is our shared goal to deliver, besides high-performing instruments and quality service to our end users, but to establish a long-lasting and trusting reputation as a leading sample preparation instrument manufacturer in the analytical community in the most professional and responsible manner.

PreeKem was founded in 2000 as a startup company focusing solely on microwave digestion. The very first model was known as WX-2000, a completely in-house design. In 2001, PreeKem was quick to launch a series of microwave based instruments, including microwave synthesizer, microwave extraction, and microwave moisture analyzer, dramatically driving the business into a cross-discipline structure. Along the way, new products such as automated SPE, GPC, and nitrogen evaporation systems, among many other renovations, were added to PreeKem fleet of products, thanks to the continuing investment in technical innovation. In 2017, PreeKem broke the new ground by presenting world’s very first fully automated microwave digestion system known as ‘PREPS’. This game-changing innovation revolutionizes sample preparation by conventional microwave as it provides modern day customers with high sample throughput, high reproducibility, and high protection of lab technicians.

In PreeKem we understand what it means to customers as an instrument manufacturer, as a service provider, or an information hub for sample preparation related businesses. Our company has implemented advanced systems in supply chain management, quality management, and rapid customer response. Our manufacturing facility has achieved a ‘zero-inventory’ status due to continuous streamlining of managing framework. To date, our line of products have set foot in more than 20 countries worldwide, owing to the superb quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness our products have to offer.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all PreeKem customers for their recognition, guidance, and trust. We will not rest to make PreeKem a better company to serve our clients domestic and abroad. Thanks also to the entire PreeKem family, without whose unwavering support we would not have achieved what we celebrate today. I look forward to a more prosperous year with your help and dedication.

Corporate culture:


A go-to brand and leader in laboratory sample preparation.


Make sample preparation a more convenient, efficient, affordable and reliable experience for users.


Integrity, Quality, Innovation.